Today in computer history: January 10

The 10th day of 2023. There are 355 days left in the year from this day.

ComputerJanuary 10, 1910
113 years ago

Major H.A. 'Jimmie' Erickson took the first photos from a plane.

Alexander L'vovich Brudno pictureJanuary 10, 1918
105 years ago

Alexander L'vovich Brudno was born, a computer scientist who discovered the alpha-beta algorithm. Died December 1, 2009 (Age: 91).

Donald Knuth pictureJanuary 10, 1938
85 years ago

Donald Knuth was born, the father of analysis of algorithms, creator of the TeX computer typesetting system and metafont font.

Lynn Conway pictureJanuary 10, 1938
85 years ago

Lynn Conway was born, an American computer scientist, electrical engineer, and inventor who invented the generalized dynamic instruction handling.

SpaceJanuary 10, 1946
77 years ago

US Army Signal Corps successfully received an echo bounce from a radar signal sent to the moon.

HardwareJanuary 10, 1996
27 years ago

The file format PNG was introduced.

CompanyJanuary 10, 2000
23 years ago

AOL acquires Time Warner and becomes AOL Time Warner.

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