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RSS may refer to any of the following:

RSS feed

1. Short for Really Simple Syndication, RSS is XML formatted text commonly used for distributing weblogs, news, or other content that is updated frequently. The RSS 0.91, 0.92, and RSS 2.x versions are known as Rich Site Summary. The RSS 0.9 and RSS 1.x versions are known as RDF Site Summary, which was first created by Ramanathan Guha at Netscape in March 1999.

While browsing, your browser may show an RSS feed icon (RSS feed icon button) or button (chiclet) in the browser address bar that lets you subscribe to the website's RSS feed. RSS feeds have the latest web pages, forum pages, news articles, or any other new or updated content, and is a great way to keep up-to-date with your favorite site. Third-party sites like Feedburner can distribute RSS feeds and display a subscription icon (shown below), which subscribes to the latest new additions to Computer Hope.

RSS Readers

To read all your RSS feeds, use one of several RSS readers and programs capable of displaying RSS feeds. All browsers today allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds through the browser or subscribe through an RSS reader.

2. Short for Relay Spam Stopper, RSS is a list of e-mail relays that have been used to send bulk unsolicited e-mail created by MAPS.

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